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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bass Were Liking Grasshoppers This Round!

Another round at Bethany this evening. Brought another Crawdad Pattern to test. Was able to get one Bass to take it, else action was slow.

Switched to a Prince Nymph and started catching Bluegill and Sunfish; caught several and then decided to try a Grasshopper.

Started with a Size 10 White Grasshopper.  Caught a Bass, missed several others, and then caught one finally.  Then, switched to a Size 8 Green Grasshopper.  Ended up catching more Bass with more consistent hook sets!

Fun stuff... Bass were liking Grasshoppers this round!

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  1. I went Bethany, it says catch & release except for trout, so we cannot keep bass & all other fish except for trout?

  2. Correct. Catch and release except for Trout.


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