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Monday, April 28, 2014

Foam Damsel Fly Worked Well - 18 Bass and 10 Bluegill!

Fished Bethany this evening with the Four Weight Fly Rod and a Foam Damsel Fly.  The one we used the other day lost its tail after catching two Bass.  This round made more than one in case it happened again. Luckily it did not; the little fishing fly took a beating but held up even after catching (and releasing) 18 Bass and 10 Bluegill!

Lotta fun; really liking this pattern.  Simple to tie; minimal material.  Only big expense was buying the Foam Cutter.  Bought it on a whim when we ordered the Beavertail Foam Cutter since the $5.00 shipping cost was the same for one or two cutters.

Stay tuned, plan to post an article on the fishing fly pattern... gonna call it the "Fly Tying - Simple Foam Damsel Fly"!

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