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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Griffith's Gnat on a Caddis Hook Made a Difference This Round!

Cold front came and changed the pattern slightly.  Had a couple of Bass strike at the Purple COAF Damsel Fly but messed up on the hook set; did manage to land one.  Not a Bruiser but still counts!

And then, noticed bugs flying about and ripples in the water where something was feeding on them.  Seen this happen in the past after a cold front passes and things start to warm up, a hatch occurs and then the Bass and Bluegill start feeding on them.

Good thing we had a Griffith's Gnat Variant handy.  It's the one we tied using a Caddis Hook. Made a difference this round, catching a few, missing a few, having fun with all of them!

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