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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bethany Lakes For More Fishing!

Rain and more rain this morning. Decided to put on rain gear, and give Bethany Lakes a try. Good thing... caught Bass, a couple of Bruiser Catfish, and then lost a big one (think it was a Catfish).

Bent the fly rod double; same fly rod that was used to land a 6 pound bass several years ago. The Bass did not bend the fly rod near as much as the one that was lost today!  Fun stuff... good to know Bruisers are still lurking in the area.

The Bass, one of the Catfish, and the lost fish took the Purple COAF Damsel Fly.  The other Catfish went for a COAF San Juan Worm Ball. Fun stuff!

Video... fishing the COAF Damsel Fly.

Video... fishing the COAF San Juan Worm Ball.

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