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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Stoney Hollow Park Again This Morning

Decided to fish Stoney Hollow again.  Same setup as yesterday - Five Weight Rod and a COAF Damsel Fly. Windy conditions but the action was steady.

Caught three Bass and a Sunfish, and then had video camera issues.  Ended up erasing the video; User error!

No worries; kept fishing and caught two Crappie and a Bass and Bluegill using the Purple COAF Damsel Fly in size 12.  And then, lost the fishing fly to a snag on the backcast.

Switched to an Olive COAF Damsel Fly in size 10 and caught more Bass and Bluegill. Not sure how many were caught and released as well as threw the hook; no matter... had a great time fishing!

PS: Need to tie more; down to one Olive COAF Damsel Fly and no Purple ones.  Gave one away to another fisherman; hope it helps him catch a Bass or two!

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