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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Catfish, Bass, and a Bluegill Go For a COAF Damsel Fly This Round!

Fished Bethany Lakes this evening. Late start on a windy day. Started out trying to get a Bass or two on a Tube Popper Fly. Two missed strikes and lots of wind to deal with made for a change. Decided to switch to a COAF Damsel Fly. The one we tie with Purple Marabou and Red Tying Thread. Used a Gold Bead Chain and size 10 hook (ran out of size 8 hooks).

Glad we switched to it; caught four Catfish, three Bass, and a Bluegill.  Three of the Catfish went 17"-18"; one went about 15". They put up a good fight especially on the four weight fly rod!

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