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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tube Popper Fly Goes to School!

Posted information about the Tube Popper Fly and the Mini Balsa Wood Lathe in the Fly Tying Forum.  A member posted pictures of Tube Popper Flies used for saltwater fishing which led to the idea of making a freshwater version of one!

Here is a picture of a prototype freshwater version; it's made with Marabou and a Balsa Wood Head that has been colored with a Sharpie.  No eyes and a quick coat of nail polish instead of epoxy.  Was in a rush to test it out....

So, tested it out at Plano East Senior High School's Catch and Release Ponds, and caught a Bass before losing the popper to a nice Bass that broke the line.  Oh well, put another Tube Popper Fly on the line (not like the prototype) and was able to catch Catfish!

Going to make more of the prototype freshwater version Tube Popper Fly.  Easy to shape and easy to make, and it catches fish!  Cannot beat that...!

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