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Friday, September 26, 2014

Today's Fishing Thoughts...

Hi Everyone,
Here are a few fishing thoughts to keep in mind for this weekend...

Beavers Bend State Park - Lower Mountain Fork River. Been there twice now, posted videos on YouTube and a HubPages article to provide more details on the first trip.
  • Really liking the area and the opportunity to fish year round for Rainbow and Brown Trout. At some point, will have to make an effort to spend a weekend up there instead of day trips.
  • Did note that this year a new Trout Hatchery was managing the Stocking Program for the Oklahoma Wildlife Department. So far, it sounds like anglers who frequent the area have mixed feelings about the Program. 
  • Regardless, still had a great time fishing! If we had more time this weekend, would have tried to fish it again. 

Lake Texoma - Kayak Trolling for Striped Bass. Made several trips over the Summer to try catching a few Striped Bass on Lake Texoma.
  • Put in a High Port Marina and fished the rocks and the Islands with good success. Even caught Smallmouth Bass as well as a Gaspergou or two.
  • Also, put in at Eisenhower State Park. Had a tough go there with only a few strikes. But, did manage to catch a Smallmouth Bass and a skinny 18" Striped Bass. Did notice a lot of Ghost Minnows that seemed to be the primary food source for the Stripers. Heard there was a Shad kill the past Winter that impacted certain size Stripers causing them to be skinny for their size.
  • Lastly, checked out Lighthouse Marina. Liked the sandy beach area and the shallow flats that led to deeper water.had to start later in the day to avoid a few rain showers but once we started, was able to get a Smallmouth Bass, a Largemouth Bass, and a Striped Bass. they were small but still was good to get a "Texoma Slam"!
  • For this weekend, Texoma would be the next choice to fish but still "iffy" about what this weekend's schedule will allow.

Lake Lavon - Jugline Fishing for Catfish. Was able to have several Beer Batter Fish Fries this Summer using this technique to catch Catfish.
  • Although lake levels are low and only one public boat ramp remains open, was able to use our jon boat as well as kayaks to set juglines.
  • Worked the point by Tickey Creek several times with good success. Key area was the side where the boat ramp is compared to around the point. Seemed to get more Catfish there.
  • Later, decided to fish Little Ridge Park where the one remaining public boat ramp is located. Caught Shad for bait, and then set out lines near the Power Plant and had good success as well.
  • Of the two locations, it seemed we caught larger Catfish at Little Ridge Park compared to Tickey Creek.
  • For this weekend, juglining Lavon may be the fall back plan; just we have enough Catfish fillets in the freezer for at least tow fish fries.

Lake Lavon - Kayak Trolling for White Bass. At the start of the Summer and latter part of Spring, worked various  points at Tickey Creek and Little Ridge Park for White Bass,
  • Mainly used this technique to get a workout in paddling for hours which does make a good workout.
  • Did hook up with a few Keeper White Bass that made for good eating once the red meat was removed along the lateral line.
  • Lures of choice were a Slab and Crappie Jig Rig and Tube Fishing Flies.
  • Of the two places we put in, both were equally good with the key factor being Shad. If the area had Shad, we were able to get a few. Else, it was a lot of paddling without a strike.
  • Also, did notice the Yellow Bass were more prevalent at Tickey Creek than Little Ridge.
  • Later in the Summer, did try Collin Park Marina that has a private boat ramp. Launched our kayaks from the beach and worked the tire reef. Had a few hits but no Keepers.
  • For this weekend, kayak trolling Lavon may be another fall back choice... except we might try another place to put in.

Community Lakes and Ponds. This is the likely choice for this weekend as it looks like work schedules will conflict with fishing. That said,
  • Bethany Lakes is always a good place to fish. Action may be slow but it still beats working!
  • Also, Oak Point and Plano East Senior High School are another choice. Oak Point requires a lot of walking but on occasion a few bites may be had.
  • For Plano East Senior High School, their Catch and Release Ponds hold a Bruiser or two Bass and Catfish.
  • Regardless, going to use either a Senko setup or fly fishing a Near Deere under a strike indicator.

Alrighty, having written down a few fishing thoughts before the weekend begins, it's time to sign off and stare at the time clock as it ticks closer and closer to quitting time! Until next time,...

Good Luck ad Good Fishing!

PS: Rreally would hve liked to have gone to the 61st Fishing Pier most of all for a go at more Sharks and other Saltwater Fishes!

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