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Monday, November 24, 2014

Turner Falls This Round

Tried a new place this round. Headed to Davis, Oklahoma to Turner Falls Park. The River was stocked recently with Rainbow Trout; decided to give it a try.

Nice scenery with a Waterfall area and a River that is easily accessible since there is a street and sidewalk area that runs alongside it.

However, don't be fooled by the park like setting, the pools, pockets, and riffles offer the same challenges when fishing other Rivers. There is a rocky bank to contend with, else it is a fisherman friendly river.

Even better, the fish were in a biting mood! Lost count after twenty, limited out with five (park limit is five trout), three were nice sized ranging from 14"-16" in size.

That said, had already limited out, so the two larger ones were caught and released.

Used an Olive Near Deere to catch most of them, and then switched to a White Near Deere after running out of Olive. Two largest went for the White Near Deere.

Fun stuff... there is a Park Entrance Fee ($16.00 plus tax). However, given the chance at a Bruiser or two, the ease of access, the really nice Restrooms (heated, too), and only saw two other fishermen all day, was okay with it!

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