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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Stocker Trout Fishing and the Field Team's Amazon Picks!

As a reminder, we migrated the City Of Allen Fishing Blog (COAF) to Stocker Trout Fishing - link is http://stockertroutfishing.com/.

We have archived the COAF Blog posts as a number of Visitors return in search of information that remain relevant today.

Additionally, we have been getting questions and requests about fishing gear and/or fishing related gear we have used in some of our videos and mentioned on our blog posts.

We have been maintaining a list of gear on Stocker Trout Fishing for our Readers to reference. Do check it out at Field Team Amazon Picks.

The site should answer a majority of questions we have received to date. If not and/or you have as specific one to request, reach out to us at COAF.Weblog@Live.com

And, please feel free to navigate the archived posts of City Of Allen Fishing Blog!

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